What do I need to know before going to a Los Angeles dispensary?

Ahhh, life just got a whole lot better.  Cannabis is no longer taboo and you will never have a difficult time finding weed whether you’re using it to help curb your pain or nausea, combat weight loss or to just plain relax and be happy.  Just because the new laws have made recreational marijuana available for purchase in California (and there are still benefits to having a legal marijuana recommendation by a licensed practitioner) there a few details you should know before you jump in the car and head to a dispensary.

1.     Wait, what? I still need a medical recommendation at this shop? Not all dispensaries can sell to customers for recreational use.  Proposition 64 left it up to local governments to regulate sales and in Los Angeles County there are still only a few dispensaries that have been granted permits for recreational sales.  They are regulated by individual cities so check your dispensary of choice before you go and when you enter a dispensary, there will be separate lines, separate costs and separate taxes applied to medical versus recreational marijuana.

2.    Adult use of marijuana. You must be 21+ years of age to purchase for recreational use. Those of you between 18 and 21 still need a medical recommendation.  Just bring your ID, a driver’s license from any state will suffice.

3.  Bring cash.  Because banks are federally regulated and marijuana sales, possession and cultivation are not federally legal (it’s more like, “Ah, you local governments deal with it. We’ve got bigger fish to fry.” ), ATMs and credit cards are not accepted when making a purchase. Most dispensaries are aware that this may catch a few people off guard so they usually have an ATM machine on premises… for like a $5 convenience fee!  Small price to pay if you’re already in line but heck, if you’re researching before you go and found yourself at this blog post, just grab some cash before you get there.

4. Hell yeah, let’s stock up!  Slow down tiger…  Stores can sell only one ounce of cannabis, 8 grams of concentrate, and six immature plants to recreational users per day.  Those with medical recommendations may acquire, possess and cultivate more but don’t go into a dispensary thinking you’re going to need to be picked up by an Uber XL to carry off your load.

5. Flying high.  Alright, you’re visiting from out of town.  Heck, you came to sunny Southern California specifically to check out how big this whole cannabis industry really is and how you can bring some home for future use or to share with your friends.  TSA is generally looking for weapons but at this time, you may not cross state lines with marijuana.  Even if you’re traveling between California and another legalized state, you fall within federal jurisdiction when you’re crossing state lines so to be safe, don’t do it.

If you’re a little nervous, have more questions or don’t want to even worry about this stuff, come on a Green Line Trips tour and we’ll help you out.  Our team is up to speed on the laws, can take you places that suit your needs, answer questions about what’s good for the solutions you seek from cannabis and generally, show you a good time in LaLaLand.

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  1. Thanks for these tips for visiting a dispensary. it’s good to know that those who are 18-21 should still get a medical recommendation. Perhaps it could be beneficial to learn how this recommendation is acquired and if you fall under this category.

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