Accept no imitations.  THIS is the cannabis tour BUS THAT YOU CAN SMOKE IN through LA.  Take one of 5 cannabis-filled tours with us starting in either Hollywood or Venice, CA.  Whichever way you go, you’re in good hands for a safe, legal and fun time where you can smoke in our tour bus with like-minded enthusiasts. Whether it’s oils, edibles, a variety of potent strains, or all of the above, let us help you navigate through the exciting new cannabis experiences Southern California has to offer.


12:30 pm, Saturday Doobie Sesh Cannabis Tour, Hollywood
This one is realer than Real Deal Holyfield.  Celebrate all that cannabis legalization has to offer in our 2-hour Saturday Doobie Sesh tour. Cruise with Green Line Trips in our smoke-friendly party bus through Vice’s Top LA dispensaries. Spark it up and pass it around, guests share tips on rolling “marijuana cigarettes”! HA! Wait till Oprah and Gayle come on board! Book now


12:30 pm, Saturday Cross Joint Combo: Doobie and Pre-game Tour, Hollywood
Ain’t no party like a Hollyweed party, because a Hollyweed party don’t stop. In this extended 5-hour tour, visit local dispensaries and cruise with us through iconic Hollywood landmarks in our smoke-friendly bus. We’ll take you to a place you’ll love. You may even see the high school that Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Anthony Keidis and Flea’s went to.  Book now


3:00 pm, Saturday Pre-game Cannabis Tour, Hollywood
Get your Saturday night started with our 2-hour Pre-game Cannabis Tour! We’ll introduce you to Hollywood’s finest dispensaries in our smoke-friendly party bus while touring the entertainment capital of the world. Today will be like one of those fly dreams as our expert Green Line Trips host guides you through Southern California’s cannabis culture.  Book now



craft cannabis12:30 pm, Sunday Cannabis Cultivation Tour, Venice/Sta Monica
It was all a dream. I used to read High Times Magazine and now, pictures of this beautiful plant come to life in this special 2-hour Green Line Trips cultivation tour. We’ll visit a grow facility and learn how this powerfully positive plant goes from seed to healing you. We’ve secured special deals with our partners, and in our smoke-friendly bus, we’ll take you to see High Times Magazine’s top cannabis retailers in the Venice/Santa Monica area. Book now


12:30 pm, Sunday Cross Joint Combo: Cannabis Cultivation and Beach Tour, Venice/Sta Monica
It’s California love in our Cross Joint Cannabis Tour, you’ll visit a grow facility, local dispensaries AND cruise with us to the beach in our smoke-friendly bus.  You don’t have to choose just one tour. California knows how to party. Enjoy it all and Book now


3 pm, Sunday Beach Tour, Venice/Sta Monica
We’ll cruise through Venice & Santa Monica in this 2-hour beach tour in our smoke-friendly bus.  Chill out with our expert hosts as they guide you through cannabis dispensaries before checking out the local beaches, just waiting for the sun to go down… on a Sunday afternoon. Book now


Book your tour based on available dates or book by tour type (Beverly Hills/Hollywood or Venice/Santa Monica).

For private, large group or longer tours, please contact us.

Still not sure? Learn more about our cannabis tour from local CBS station KCAL9 when they covered us in the news or read about us in AP News which was rerun in the LA Times, NY Times and SF Chronicle.


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