LoadedUp Entertainment Hot Boxed Our Bus


LoadedUp Entertainment Rolls Out with Green Line Trips

The team at Green line Trips is proud to provide an extraordinary trip to locals and visitors from near and far.  In our luxury busses, the atmosphere is fun and friendly and when LoadedUp Entertainment came down from San Francisco, everyone was getting blazed.  They thought it was unreal but believe it, with our modified limo bus, cannabis tourism is safe and definitely legal.

We started off at Erba Collective for a look inside a dispensary that features buds, a wide variety of edibles and a Dosist bar.  Talk about a kid in a candy store…

StrobyFlacko is a kid in a candy store at Erba Collective with Green Line Trips

We took the guys to the Santa Monica Pier for a wild adventure you just have to watch for yourself but of course, the best part was hanging out in the bus.  Everyone was generous sharing, the beats got StrobyFlacko moving and singing, and while we definitely had a case of the munchies, no one was suffering from cotton mouth.  For their HotBox series, check out the most unreal triple-joint in the video, be sure to grab your LoadedUP gear here and of course, book your own adventure with Green Line Trips now.

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